The office’s expertise

Areas of activity :
Family – Real Estate – Public institutions and authorities

A notary is a public, ministerial officer of the State. The notary’s role is twofold: to guarantee the legality of operations and to provide advice.

The notary executes in authentic form agreements between parties and guarantees the legality and impartiality of such agreements. The notary’s role also involves advising the public, private clients (individuals and companies) as well as public institutions and authorities.

The office provides a wide range of services, but its activities cover mainly :

  • Family law and successions :
    Marriage contracts, changes of matrimonial regime, civil solidarity pacts, divorce, gifts, gifts inter-vivos, partitions, wills, enduring powers of attorney, mandates with posthumous effects. Settlement of successions: notarised deeds, real estate ownership certificates, declarations of succession, administration and distribution of estates.
  • Real estate law :
    Real estate sales, exchanges
    Deeds of loan, with the creation of the related collateral: mortgages, pledges, guarantees
    Various instruments creating rights in rem: easements, usufruct, substantive obligations, long-term leases, construction leases
  • Building law :
    Co-ownership rules, division by volume, off-plan sales and leases, real estate development contracts
  • Town and country planning laws and local regulations :
    Sub-division, housing complexes, various associations (urban land associations, groupings of real estate owners),
    Planning permission, pre-work or pre-division declarations, building permits
    Development operations (Designated Development Areas, Concessions, Urban Partnership Projects, etc.)
    Social and affordable housing operations, anti-speculation clauses
    Administrative long-term leases, Mountain Act agreements
  • Leases :
    Housing, business, commercial, rural, rehabilitation and management leases
  • Real estate companies :
    Formation, contribution of assets

At the cutting edge of technology

In order to optimise our client services, the office uses a tool for dematerialising instruments in order to sign authentic instruments electronically on flat screens and tablets installed throughout the office. Our use of the latest technological developments and innovations is part of our client-centric continuous improvement policy.

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