In accordance with the new scale of fees applying to notaries, it is possible, subject to certain limits, to offer fee reductions.

These reductions must be for a fixed percentage and correspond to specific services.

In application of these provisions, the office will apply the following fees for the period from 1 May 2018 to 1 May 2019 :
Reductions of ten percent (10%) of the fees for the part of the taxable base in excess of EUR 150,000 (corresponding to the maximum authorised reduction) in respect of the following instruments :

  • standard sales
  • business loans
  • mortgages by separate deed
  • performance bonds
  • gifts, gifts inter-vivos
  • so-called “block” sales of new housing units that are part of an apartment building
  • relating to property subject to corporate land registration
  • splits of co-ownership

Reductions of forty percent (40%) of the fees for the part of the taxable base in excess of EUR 10,000,000 (corresponding to the maximum authorised reduction) on acts relating to the transfer or financing of property to non-use rights residential or transfer of shares, or goods exempt from transfer duties pursuant to Articles 787 B and 787 C of the General Tax Code.

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